Alirio J Melendez Public Denial of Accusation

Prof AJ MelendezIn 2006 I agreed to Author a paper on sepsis that would eventually be presented to Nature Immunology and other papers about “experimental sepsis”. The Experiment was performed at various Institutes but primarily at NUS by a select team whilst I moved to a new post at Glasgow and eventually to University of Liverpool.
During the experiment I would visit NUS once or twice a year for a few weeks at a time to offer guidance where I thought necessary.

In 2011 the paper as completed and sent to Nature Immunology for approval to be published. There were a few ammendments recommended which were duly resubmitted for furtehr assessment.

In March 2011 an anonymous email was sent to several Persons in high office (not myself) stating the the paper in Nature Immunology wase fraudulent and images/graphs plagiarised, I was not shown this email and was not asked at the time to provide and account of the experiments. At this time I was released from UoL.

The accusation and the proceedings that followed caused my health to fail dramatically, and hence my GP subscribed medication and strongly advised not to undertake any work that may exacerbate my condition . Unfortunately at the same time I also had a very close family member fall ill, and I had to undertake a journey to my home country in order to provide support. Due to poor communications I was not in regular contact with the UK as Internet and phone access are limited where I was residing.
During this time I was emailed a request to attend an interview and provide evidence against the accusations. I did not read this email until Feb 2012 and found it was too late to respond. However I did reply to the email when I could and asked for an interview at the time.

March 2012 I was provided a confidential report from NUS with regard the plagiarism and data manipulation according to the anonymous accusation.
I have since assessed this report and provided my response back to NUS and UoL, to date I am still awaiting a reply. My response indicated the true perpetrators of the data manipulation and in fact stated so.

I have always vehemently denied the accusations of data manipulation and plagiarism and will continue to do so. I am determined to clear my name and will take any action necessary to do so.

I hereby publicly refute the accusations against me and welcome any interview from NUS or UoL to prove it so.